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Why Custom Dress Shirts?

There is nothing quite like the luxury of a perfectly fitted custom dress shirt.

Every guy has experienced the billowy shirt. No matter how much you try to tuck it in you're still left with way too much fabric around your mid section. Couple that with billowy arms and you can forget about looking your best. This isn't just a problem for slim guys. We see too many men of all sizes wearing dress shirts that are just plain too big. Even "slim fit" shirts may fit your waist and mid section but are way too tight through the chest and shoulders. A custom dress shirt allows you design a shirt that fits you perfectly.

What you get with a custom dress shirt from The Suit Effect:

  • Hundreds of custom dress shirt fabrics to choose from including 100% cotton and 100% linen starting at $150

  • Quality craftsmanship ensures a custom dress shirt that will look great for years to come

  • Multiple style and design options so you can get the look that you want

  • Add personal details like a monogram free of charge

  • Perfect Fit Guarantee

How It Works​

1. Schedule an Appointment. 

Give us a call or schedule online to set up a date and time to meet with one of our expert stylists.

2. Choose Fabric & Shirt Details.

Choose from hundreds of custom dress shirt fabrics and then pick out the shirt details that you desire.

3. Get Expertly Measured

Fit is king and we will ensure that we get you the best fit by taking precise body measurements for a well fitted custom dress shirt.

4. Pick Up Shirts & Plan For Future Orders

Your measurements and any updates we add will be stored for life so it will be quick and convenient to order your next custom dress shirts.

Customize Your Style​

     (These are some of the options you can choose from)

  • Collar: Choose from classic point collar, spread, and widespread. (additional options available)

  • Cuff: Choose from rounded, angled, or straight edge with either 1 or 2 buttons, or french cuff finish. (additional options available)

  • Back: Choose between center or side pleats or side darts.

  • Front: Choose between chest pocket or no chest pocket, placket or no placket, or hidden buttons.

  • Monogram: Optional for no additional fee.

The Perfect Fitting Custom Dress Shirt:

Fits natural shoulder

Allows comfortable movement

Tailored bicep

Gets rid of bulky look

Tailored collar

Not too snug & not too loose

Fitted chest

Accentuates upper chest & shoulders

Tapered waist

Gives a slimmer appearance


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