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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the made-to-measure process work?
Our process has several steps: Schedule an appointment at one of our locations, get fitted, choose your fabric, and choose your design. This initial appointment takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Once your order is completed we will reach out to schedule a final fitting. During the final fitting, you will try on the finished product and most likely take it home that day. Sometimes small tweaks are needed and those will be on us the first time around.


How long does the process take?
Our typical delivery time is about 4-5 weeks. Actual lead times may vary depending on the time of year.  Please contact us for current lead times. 


What if I need alterations when my final garment arrives?

We got you covered. See above.


When do I pay for my order?
You will pay for your order once it is placed, typically at the end of the first appointment. Once payment is made we begin making your order.


What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards.


Do you offer discounts for larger orders?

Yes, currently we offer:

One free shirt with any order of 2 suits, jackets and/or coats

10% off any order of 3 suits, jackets and/or coats

15% off any order of 5 suits, jackets and/or coats


I’m a big guy. No really… Will you be able to fit someone my size?

Of course! We can fit all shapes and sizes!


Is there an extra charge for large or tall sizes?
We charge a 10% premium for big and tall sizes. This is usually for clients that wear a jacket size 52 and up, or a pant size 42 and up.


Do you offer a full canvas construction?

Yes, we can do full-canvas construction. There is a $100 additional charge to do a full-canvas construction.


Can I get an extra set of pants with a suit purchase?

Of course, we offer a discount for an additional pair of suit trousers.


I don't live near any of your shops. Is still possible to place an order?
Definitely! We get asked this all the time and have a service for such requests. Email us and we will get you all the details so we get started! 


Is it possible to rush an order?
Yes! We can usually accommodate rush orders, with a delivery time of about 3-4 weeks. Shoot us an email with specifics on your timing needs since actual rush order lead times vary depending on the time of year. A 10% surcharge is applied to rush orders.


Can I gift The Suit Effect to a friend?

You’re too kind! If you want to purchase a gift card just shoot us an email and we will get it all taken care of.


More Questions?

Contact us!


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