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3 Easy Ways to Up Your Suit Style

1. Start with the basics

Unless you already have one of these two, we always suggest starting with a navy or grey custom suit. A custom suit is a big investment so we want to make sure you get the most out of your investment. A navy or grey custom suit will go with just about any shirt, tie and shoe combination.

Now you’ve got the core piece of your suit wardrobe you can start building the rest of your foundation. Our recommendation is to keep it simple. Go with a white or light blue dress shirt, black or brown oxford shoes, and a conservative tie or two.

2. Fit is King

Here are some of the biggest mistakes guys make when it comes to fit:

  • Dress shirts are too baggy or too tight.

  • Pants have no taper. This one can drastically change the look of pants.

  • Jacket body is too long or too short

  • Jacket sleeves are too long

A lot of guys are worried that by going with a custom suit, they are going to have to get a “skinny” fitting suit that will be too tight and uncomfortable. This isn’t the case. A custom suit allows you to get the best fit for YOUR body.

You probably need to get a more tailored suit than what you currently have, but it will better compliment your frame while still allowing you to feel comfortable and confident.

3. Be confident with the fact that you are improving

Anyone who has tried to dress a little sharper has experience the subtle jabs and comments from people who notice the attempts. Learn to laugh off the comments that are bound to come your way as you take your image more seriously.

A well-tailored, custom suit is a powerful thing. It will elevate your confidence way more than any other piece of clothing you buy. Better than a new pair of jeans, some new kicks, or a new watch. Expect it and embrace it.





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